Best Trekking Season

Choice of the season for your trekking journey plays a vital role in determining how memorable and amazing your trek might be. Generally, the autumn season (September- November) and spring season (March-May) are considered as the best trekking seasons in Nepal.

Autumn season (September – November)

It is the best season for trekking because the weather conditions during these months are generally favorable for trekking. The clouds dissipate, giving you clear views of the mountains. The trails are dry and easy to trek on. The sights of the valleys, mountains, and the terrains can all be seen quite clearly and the temperature is also suitable.

Winter season (December – February)

December to February is the coldest time of the year in Nepal. If you think cold weather is not a big deal, then this season is also a good season for trekking. However, trekking at high altitudes is not recommended as everything is covered with snow and the temperature is very low. But as the weather is dry, this season can be good for those who would love to opt for trekking at the low altitude regions of Nepal.

Spring season (March-May)

This is the season the lushness of the vegetations and the florescent aspects of the forests are at their optimal. The flowers bloom and the foliages tend to blossom, providing you with lovely trails that are adorned with the beguiles of nature. The chance of light showers and rain still remains, however. But the temperature rises and the weather conditions are generally favorable for trekking.

Summer season (June – August)

Generally, summer isn’t a preferred time of the year for trekking. Monsoon tends to start soon after, making the skies dark with rain clouds. There are leeches in the trails and the unclear Mountain View due to clouds in the sky doesn’t leave much for sightseeing.  However, Escape Himalaya will arrange trekking trips for you on whichever months and season that you prefer.