• mountains of Nepal

    The Magnificent Mountains of Nepal

    Nepal is a country that is famous for its amazing Himalayan tapestry. The Mountains of Nepal are famous all over the world. With eight of the ten tallest mountain peaks lying within the nation, Nepal is a famous destination for mountain trekking and hiking journeys. With a diverse topography, Nepal has a wide variance of […]

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    17 Jul
  • Bhutan

    Bhutan- the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon

    A beautiful state located entirely within the Himalayan Mountain Range, Bhutan is the kingdom of the thunder dragon. The least populous nation in South-East Asia, Bhutan has endured independence for centuries and has never been colonized in its history. With a national identity based on Buddhism, Bhutan is situated on the ancient Silk Road between […]

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    03 Jul
  • Wild Life Adventures in Nepal

    Wild-Life Adventures in Nepal

    Known as the land of the Himalayas, Nepal has a diverse topographical feature that comprises of various biomes resulting in a huge plethora of biodiversity. The floral and faunal heterogeneity in Nepal is one of the country’s main elements in the field of tourism. With there being three main division of regions in the country, […]

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    30 Jun
  • Glacier in Nepal

    The Glaciers of Nepal

    With the presence of the ever prominent Himalayas in the country, Nepal also has the formation and flow of many glaciers. Known as the largest Himalayan state in Asia, Nepal holds eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains in its northern region, including the world’s tallest mountain- Mount Everest. Prominent peaks like Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, […]

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    20 Jun
  • Natural Wonders of Nepal

    The Natural Wonders of Nepal

    Nepal is a country that is rich in natural wonders amalgamated brilliantly with cultural and traditional aspects of ethnic people. A landlocked central Himalayan country in South Asia, Nepal is the largest sovereign Himalayan state. With a diverse geography that includes fertile plains in the south, subalpine forested hills, and eight of the world’s ten […]

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    19 Jun
  • Kathmandu's heritage

    The Three Ancient Cities of the Kathmandu Valley

    Known as the country of the Himalayas- Nepal is exceptionally rich in diversity and beautiful landscape. Tremendously diverse in its topography, Nepal rises from as low as 59 meters elevation in the tropical Terai—the northern rim of the Gangetic Plain, beyond the perpetual snow line to some 90 peaks over 7,000 meters including Earth’s highest […]

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    15 Jun
  • white water rafting in Nepal

    5 Best Places for White Water Rafting in Nepal

    Nepal is renowned for Mount Everest; and trekking in the cerulean mountains of the country has become one of the most famous adventure activities to do for people. Every year, thousands of travelers travel to Nepal for trekking in its ivory peaks and to explore its beautiful destinations. But, aside from that, have you considered […]

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    12 Jun
  • view points

    The Best View Points in Nepal

    Vantage Points to view close ethereal sights of the ivory mountains Nepal houses some of the highest peaks around the world; 14 out of highest 20 to be exact. While visiting Nepal, the one thing you would not want to miss is to at least get a glimpse of these beautiful giant peaks like Mount […]

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    05 May
  • Teahouses

    Tea-Houses during the Everest Trek- what to expect?

    Selective information regarding tasteful tea-houses in the Himalayan acreages.  One of the most appealing aspects of trekking in Nepal is getting to experience the cultures and traditions of the people living on far-off villages and remote settlements throughout the trekking trails. This is achieved mostly by trekkers and travelers seeking accommodation on the dainty tea-houses […]

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    02 May
  • Trekking in Nepal

    Trekking in Nepal – Health and Soundness of the Body

    General information regarding health and physical condition while trekking in Nepal. With no shortage of aspects and travel destinations, Nepal has many reasons that provoke travelling to. From mountaineering at high altitudes, jungle safari on flat grasslands, trekking on beautiful trails and encountering a wide variance of cultural heritages and traditions, Nepal is a variegated […]

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    30 Apr
  • element of trekking

    The Most Important Elements of Trekking in Nepal

    Nepal, as deliberated by established facts, is a kaleidoscope of diversity. There are different elements of trekking that makes for absolutely amazing adventures. Listing some of the heterogeneity, Nepal has differences in the land topography divided between three geographical regions, variations in the climate, the natural vegetation, unique flora and fauna and the most perceptible […]

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    28 Apr
  • Khopra Ridge Trek

    Khopra Ridge for a Perfect Conventional Trekking Experience in Nepal

    A secluded destination with best views of the Annapurna Massif One of the most exotic and an off-the-beaten-path trekking trail in the Annapurna region, the Khopra Ridge Trekking is quite a quintessential trekking experience to be done in Nepal. Locally known as “Khopra”, the Khopra Ridge is located away from the busier trekking trails of […]

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    24 Apr