About us

About Us

Before booking your trip, you must check and make a general inquiry if the travel operator is registered by the government or not. Also, inquire about the company’s achievements before you let the operator plan your trip. We, at Escape Himalaya make an effort to bestow secured trips and we are committed to make your vacation unforgettable.

With a group of experienced and skilled team member, we try our utmost to move with the times and please our clients bestowing what they are seeking for in the most effective way.  We not only plan your life-changing trips, but we are also committed to offer superb services to make your holiday a worthy experience. We are actually proud to bring more than a few travel options into our packages and take pride in linking explorers with the renowned as well as less trodden trails in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

We also assure you that all the information you present to us will be totally confidential. Our prime focus is to ensure our clients’ safety and security. You can go through our privacy policy before you present any kind of information to us.

Please make sure that you will read our terms and conditions before booking a reservation through our company or enjoy services. Our terms and conditions makes clear about what you are legally entitled to be hopeful from us if you want to get any travel service through us.