Day Tours

Day tours

The Day Tours packages presented by Escape Himalaya take you around sites the cities posses and let you experience the historical significance of these places. They introduce you to the extraordinary parts of history and culture of Nepal. The Day Tours allow you to observe and excurse around the sites which are listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List. You would also be trudging through verdant forests and acreages of woods, walking along side the ebulliently flowing rivers and streams and even have the chance to see sights of beguiling mountain peaks while you’re at it. The tranquil atmosphere of the places and the serenity of the destination engulfed into the historical and religious ambiance are overwhelming. The Day Tour packages provide you close encounters with nature and time to spend in the bosom of Nepal’s history. The perseverance and the preservation of the old cities and destinations is a reminder of the country’s monarchial days and the lore and the stories behind the temples and the buildings are brimming with fascinating myths and origin tales of the city. It is all enveloped with the country’s ingenuity and dexterity of the people. The Day tours also lets you have close observations at old communities that have flourished in and around the sites and learn about the unique traditions and cultures of the people. It is very enlightening, and presents an unforgettable experience.

During the tours, you would be exploring the Bhaktapur Durbar Square and will get to have a look at the magnificent architectural feat that is the 55-Window Palace, the Golden Gate along with several other authentic Buddhist paintings. These paintings are religious and hold a privileges context for some and are even considered holy. These Thanka paintings present depiction of stories painted on murals and cloths that are vibrant and quite colorful to look at. Bhaktapur Durbar Square has the preservation of old palaces and temples that were constructed in medieval times and still reflect the bygone era of the country’s monarchial days. Visiting the Dattatreya Square and the Nyatapol Temple, you would be mesmerized by their architectural complexity. Patan, known also as “The City of Arts”, also presents a wide mélange and variance of unique Nepali adroitness. It is captivating and surreal, and lets you enjoy the ingenuity of the sites to an optimal context. That way, you would be enlightened about the various sites and get to learn about their origins and stories and their histories and their significance in Nepal’s aptitude. The Day Tours allow you such an opportunity.

You will also get the chance to pass along through the Shivapuri National Park, home to 77 species of birds, 102 species of butterflies and several rare plants and animals. Walking through the green canopies the forests and the woods provide at the park, you might even catch glimpses of these rare animals in their natural habitat. The soothing environments and the peaceful atmosphere of the acreages help you get relaxed, allowing you have quite a serene experience. Walking to Nagarkot provides you with the most beautiful sight of the mountains and the manifestation of looking at the rising and the setting sun amidst the mountain peaks. With Himals like the Kanchenjunga on the east and the peak of Dhaulagiri on the west, Nagarkot is a wonderful destination for you to have a look at the Himalayan peaks looming in the distance. Hiking to the Changu Narayan temple, one of the oldest temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu, from Nagarkot also adds to the religious charm of the tours.

The day Tours arranged by Escape Himalaya are all encompassed brilliantly and are designed with integrity keeping the satisfaction of our customers in mind. So come join us in this amazing sight-seeing adventure where you will have the chance to have a look at various sites and see mesmerizing views of the mountains along with trudging through verdant forests. It is perfect for short hikes where the glories of Nepal’s history are highlighted in the best possible ways.

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