Helicopter Tours

The Helicopter tours lets you experience the views of the mountains peaks like never before. The thrill of the helicopter ride soaring above the ivory colossal is quite the sight to behold. The Helicopter Tours lets you escape the hassles of long term hiking and trekking journeys to let you enjoy the quintessence of the mountain peaks in a relatively short amount of time. It is also a very good way to let go of your worries about the monotonic ties of life and let your thoughts be occupied instead with the simply breath-taking views of the mountain peaks. Getting to see the sights of the Opal Mountains in all their glory has within itself a wonderful feeling of freedom. The serenity one feels while flying high above the Himalayas is quite hard to put into words. It is one of the best ways to capture the mountain’s quiddities and also have a look at the beautiful terrain of the region. The view of the emerald landscape changing its tincture from jaded green to a slow build-up of snow and periwinkle is mesmerizing. The cerulean mountain peaks and the cyan glaciers in embedded into the lush terrain of the regions of the country is a wonderful sight to see. The massive vistas of the mountains looming in their prepossessing sublimity are quite resplendent. It is also one of the better options to get to feel the ambiance of the mountain peaks in a very short amount of time, making it convenient for you to enjoy the mountain’s opulence if you have a limited vacation time or if you do not necessarily want to experience long tiring walks and exhausting trekking journeys. You will be at your most comfortable soaring in the helicopter above the mountains and viewing the stunning sights in all their glory.

The Helicopter Tours has turned out to be the easiest medium to get the best views of the world’s tallest Mountain, Mount Everest and also observe its many surrounding peaks. Flying at the elevation of 16,000 get, you would get the views of the mountains. Sights of the peaks like Gosaithan (8013m), Dorje Lakpa (7000m), Melungtse, Chugimago, Numbur, Karyolung, Cho-Oyu (the sixth highest peak in the world), is the most ostentatious views that you will ever get.

The Augustine Himalayan peak, the view of the Kathmandu Valley vanishing into the terrain and it being replaced by the chartreuse terrains and the landscapes along with the magnificent sights of the Langtang Himal are the most captivating sights that you would ever see. The Langtang Helicopter Tour lets you experience the valley of glacier’s wonderful land topography with an aerial view point. The natural serenity of the valley is out of this world. Apart from the sceneries, you would also get to have a relatively short interaction with the hospitable Sherpa people residing at Kyanjin Gomba.

Come experience the magnificence of the Himalayan ranges in a relatively short amount of time and without any hassle in the most comfortable way possible with Escape Himalaya’s various tour packages that makes sure that you get the optimal amount of satisfaction on your journey. The tour packages of the Everest Helicopter Tours and the Langtang Helicopter Tours takes you close to the tranquility of the mountain peaks in the quickest way possible. The amazing journey is thrilling and will have it be engraved into your mind for the rest of your life. Safely touring the mountain peaks, you would be getting the opportunity to have a look at the quintessence of the mountain peaks like you’ve never before!

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