Nepal Tours

Nepal Tours

Nepal is a country that is brimming with a variance that branches into a multitude of aspects like land topography, the people, their cultures and traditions, various ethnicities, customs and rituals that they follow, and the different languages that they speak. Not only that, Nepal also has lots of diversity in the vegetation, animals, flora and fauna and climatic conditions within its relatively small parameters. Known as the “Land of the Himalayas”, Nepal has within its context many tall mountains peaks that are colossal in their elevations and vigilance. The world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest is located here, along with seven other tallest mountains peaks in synchrony. Because of it ethereal beauty and natural quintessence, Nepal sees lots of visitors every year. The remunerations from the tourism sector have helped in Nepal’s economy as well to an extent. Nepal is also rich in many pilgrimage and historical sites, many of which are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. It has the emergence and presence of many conservation areas and National Parks that preserve and protect many rare and exotic animal and plant life. The unique art and architecture of Nepal’s religious monuments, old Palaces and temples, gumbas, chaityas and Bihars are idiosyncratic to Nepal’s history and essence. Visiting cities like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan, you would be able to excurse the Durbar Squares that the cities posses that magnificently reflects the old days of Nepal’s Monarchial era. The cultural heritage sites encompass within their ambiance the feeling of Nepal’s tribulations and reflect the unity of various cultures living in harmony in the country. The Nepal Tours packages allows you to have a closer look at the various sites and destinations that Nepal has in the most optimal of ways.

You can also enjoy the resplendence of the Himalayan ranges flying high above the elevation in the helicopters if you want to experience the quiddities of the mountain peaks in a relatively short amount of time. The Helicopter rides to the ivory peaks of the mountains are quite comfortable and safe, and you would not have to undergo any hassle that trekking and hiking presents. Looking at the chartreuse landscape down below, you would be able to see the terrain from a bird’s eye view. Not necessarily undergoing the long and often exhausting walks of the trekking trails, you can comfortably capture the view of the mountains in the most serene way possible.

The short hiking tours and trips that Nepal Tours offers lets you have an experience of trudging through the lush and verdant terrains in the most appealing and gorgeous way possible, because the quintessence of the terrain is captured perfectly in the optimal tour packages that are designed by us. The satisfaction of the customers are kept as a number one priority when you are subjected to the tours as the ethereal experience of touring the various destination of the country provides the travelers with knowledge of the land as well as the history and the practices of the local residents who live in far off settlements and villages in secluded areas in the mountains. The correspondence of the lifestyle of the people in those places is quite humbling to look at and to observe. The mesmerizing sun set and sun-rise views present an empyrean experience to whoever witnessing and the feeling of this tenor is quite hard to put into words. Trekking through the vibrant jaded woodlands and acreages of forests of alpine vegetation and trees, you would be transported to a paradise-like setting where the surroundings are the very embodiment of heaven.

Rafting in Nepal, moreover, is one of the most adventurous water-sport the country presents. It is absolutely thrilling and the jovial rivers and water-bodies that country posses are some of the most wonderful natural aspects of the country. You can even spend your nights camping on the amethyst terrains under the canopy of shining stars in the wilderness.

Escape Himalaya has the arrangements of packages that range from choices beginning from comfortable helicopter rides to trekking in the beguiling terrains of the National Parks where you can encounter rare exotic animals up close. So come join us in this amazing adventure of exploring and discovering the country’s winsomeness.

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