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Nepal Yoga Tour

The Nepal Yoga Tour lets you experience the encompassment of two distinct aspects of trekking and meditation.  Walking to regions rich in natural beauty and engulfed into the serenity of the natural surroundings opulent in cultural and traditional quintessence, you would be presented a wonderful opportunity to release your stress and worries away as you become one with the ravishing landscape and the quiddities of nature. The stunning sights of the Himalayas help in the natural correspondence of the mind and the body being entwined with those of the surroundings. The mountains vigilance in their looming structure in the distance is like a constant reminder of cerulean treasures that you can feel within yourself. You would not be bound by hectic schedules of your life, but instead would be a relaxing serene person in peace with your mind and your soul. Meditation frees you from mental stress and helps you have tranquility in your troubled minds. This blend of mental and physical exercise will help you open up your mind and provide you with a surrounding where you can relax and let go of your worries. The gorgeous surroundings of the land, the lush wood and the acreages filled with unique foliages adorned with the views of the majestic ivory mountains and the poised deliverance of the terrain is enough to help you lift your aesthetic spirit. The word “Yoga” has been coined from the Sanskrit word which means “union”. The tour, as the name suggests, is meant for the union of your body and your mind in the most self-possessed way possible.

Undergoing the Nepal Yoga Tour lets you experience the mesmerizing land valleys that are ornamented beautifully by the beguiles of nature, rich and verdant forests and woodlands that have their continuity broken by the ebullient flow of the silver serpentine rivers that course along the land terrain like stitchings on chartreuse blankets. The spectacular mountain peaks all along the trip lets you have the view of the most majestic sights in the world. The heaven-like embodiment of the tour lets you wrap yourself in the silken gossamers of the florescent presence of the land. The hospitable and welcoming people of the land make you feel welcomed and warm. The Himalayan Region and its clear exquisite settings in the remote and isolated destinations placed in the very bosom of the colossal mountains tend to play a vital role in helping you achieve insight. Its isolation and seclusion from the bustling cities and the rest of the world proves Himalayan region of Nepal to be an idyllic destination to carry out meditative practices and yoga.

Yoga traditionally was meant to expand one’s spiritual being, and at present, it is a wonderful medium to lighten up the mind and maintain physical health as well. Meditating in the cerulean Lake-Side city of Pokhara at the bank of the cyan water bodies and walking to the foothills of the Annapurna mountain ranges is an amazing ordeal.

Escape Himalaya’s Nepal Yoga Tour is designed to make sure that you get the optimal satisfaction from the journey and the experience. It helps you revive and rejuvenate your mind and body. We will help you get theoretical knowledge about yoga and help you learn the basics of yoga positions under the direct provision of a professional yoga teacher. The Nepal Yoga Tour is designed for everyone who is interested in the sublimity of meditation and wants to indulge themselves in this art form to help revitalize the soul, mind and body. Join us in this amazing adventure to experience the wonderful features that yoga offers while trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal.

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