Less Touristic Off the Beaten Paths Trek

Langtang regiont trek

The Off the Beaten Path Treks packages include trudging through trails that are less trodden upon by travelers because of their isolated and remote geographical destinations. The Off the Beaten Paths trekking trails hold the most unique and amazing trekking experiences and aspects encompassing the eccentric cultures and traditions of the people residing in those areas along with beguiling natural beauty and wonderful views of the synergy of mountain peaks. Nepal has lots of trekking destinations within its perimeters, the Everest region, the Annapurna region, the Langtang region, the Manaslu region and the Mustang region being the most famous ones; but at the same time, Nepal also has many other terminuses that provide the travelers with its own beautiful sublimity. They also require special permit to go further. Like the name suggests, you would be likely to see very few visitors on the Off the Beaten Paths trek accompanied by basic facilities throughout the trekking journey. But, the experience of trekking in the most secluded regions and far off destinations has another special kind of appeal in itself.

One of the most famous Off the Beaten Paths trekking trails is the Upper Dolpo Trek which lets you experience a variance in its incredible landscapes with excursions to the cerulean Shey Phoksundo Lake, opulently rich and religiously ambient Shey Gompa and the ever beautiful natural quintessence of the Shey Phoksundo National Park. Adorned with the natural beauty of magnificent splendors, the National Park is a home to many of the unique floras and faunas of the region, its emerald terrain providing a lovely sight for the eyes. Embedded with glorious natural aspects like silver serpentine rivers, uneven amethyst gorges and majestic mountain peaks, the Upper Dolpo Trek is one of the most beautiful trekking destinations in the world. Excursing to the cyan of the Phoksundo Lake (3733m), you would be presented with the most ravishing sight of the Phoksundo waterfall, Nepal’s highest waterfall, cascading down from the mountains carrying with it the land’s life essence. You will also be trudging through high passes like Kang La (5350m), Nagadra La (5375m) and the Jeng La Pass (5110m) which present the most wonderful views of the colossal Himalayas.

The Makalu Base Camp also presents a chartreuse landscape and jaded terrains for you to have a delightful trekking journey on. You would also get the opportunity to view the fifth highest mountain peak in the world, Mount Makalu, along your trekking journey. The Himalayan landscape and the ethnic way of life of the people in the secluded places that are far away from any modernization, provide a sequestering trekking journey. Glorious panoramic vistas of the Everest Peak (8,848m), Chamlang (7319m), Baruntse (7,220m), Lhotse (8,516m) and many more decorate the beguiling ambiance of the trekking journey to make the journey one of the most memorable experiences. You will also be excursing through the Makalu Barun National Park and observe the unique plant and animal life that have made their home within its vicinity. Animals like the rare and elusive Red Panda, Himalayan Black Bears, Snow Leopards and Clouded Leopards can be seen residing in the lush forests of the National Park.

Escape Himalaya arranges the best services and circumstances for trekking in the remote and secluded region of the country and makes sure that you get the optimal amount of satisfaction in your trekking journeys. So come join this adventure with us to experience the remoteness of the isolated terrains in our Off the Beaten Paths Trekking Packages where you will observe the idiosyncratic customs and cultures of the people up close along with the views of magnificent mountains and the chartreuse natural surroundings decorated refinely with water bodies and lush flora and fauna.

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