Short Hiking Tours

short hiking tour

Short Hiking Tours allow you to experience the blend of natural quiddities of distant places along with the encompassment of traditions and cultures of the local people residing along the hiking trails. It is an enthralling journey and the short time frame of the hikes adds to the feeling of adventure and wonderment. The manifestation of the glorious sunrise and the sunset amidst the mountain ranges is magnificent to look at and to be able to experience this phenomenon is truly breath-taking. You will also be subjected to opulent cultural heritage sites in Kathmandu Valley as well. Hiking along the cool pristine and peaceful terrains that are decorated beautifully with the growth of foliages and natural canopies of emerald woodlands and jaded forests is beguilingly amazing. The wooded acreages are ornamented beautifully with the flow of ebullient rivers and streams that seem to be carrying with them the life essence of the land itself. The silver serpentine rivers cut across the chartreuse continuity of the terrain like stitchings on a green blanket. The perfect serenity of the ambiance of the landscape adds to the velvety gossamer of natural aesthetics. The Short Hiking Tour packages lets you have the time of your life hiking through wonderful amethyst terrains that lets you have a short escape away from the bustles and bristling of city life. It is especially designed for people who are busy and those who want to experience hiking at the placid cordiality of nature during their short holiday trip. It provides you the opportunity to enjoy the stunning mountain sceneries and vistas. The hiking routes are short but are brimming with unforgettable aspects that will make your short hiking trip worth the while. It makes you have an excursion close to the heart of nature.

Driving to Sundarijal, you would be entering the gorgeous Shivapuri National Park which is rich and lavish in the coruscatings of nature and natural aspects. It is home to 77 species of birds, 102 species of butterflies, and a number of other endangered plants and animals. You can have a chance to encounter these rare flora and fauna up close while you are trudging through the riches of the land. It is also quite a relaxing journey where you would be subjected to serene moments of natural bliss. You would be hiking through a variance of settlements like the village of Mulkharka and Chisapani where you will get the opportunity to communicate and observe the local people’s rituals and day to day life. The settlements are mostly occupied by people of Brahmins, Tamang, Sherpa and Gurung ethnicity and caste. Their unique traditions and cultures are reflected profoundly on their settlements and their places of worship.

Nagarkot is the destination where you can have the best sights of the mountains and the views of the sunrise and the sunsets amidst the mountain ranges. The whole Diaspora of ivory mountains turning from cerulean to the tincture of cascading molten gold and burning saffron and amber is truly a sight to behold. It is utterly breath-taking and a wonderful manifestation of natural routine. The sights of the Kanchenjunga Mountain on the east and of the Dhaulagiri Peak on the west present themselves as the highlights of the Short Hiking Tours. Traversing to the Changu Narayan temple presents you with the chance to explore the religious aspect of the tours. The Changu Narayan temple is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, and the temple is one of the oldest places of worship dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The carvings and the decorations of the temple are opulent and intricate and quite nice to look at.

With a moderate level of fitness, you can easily undergo the Short Hiking Tours and make the most of your time. The Short Hiking Tour packages designed by Escape Himalaya is sure to let you have the most wonderful hiking experience and is sure to let you enjoy the treasures of the land in the most optimal amount. It is sure to let you have a splendid time witnessing mountain views and trudging through the verdancy of the forests. Come join us in the amazing adventure where you will experience the enchanting radiance of the land like you’ve never before!

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