Sunrise and Sunset Tours

Nepal ToursThe Sunrise and Sunset Tours lets you experience the majesties of the rising and the setting sun amidst the cerulean Himalayan peaks. The stunning heavenly landscape of the country adorned with the beautiful natural quintessence is simply breath-taking! The manifestation of the ascending and the descending sun changing the tincture of the mountain peaks from ivory to the color of cascading molten gold and burning saffron and amber is a celestial sight to behold. The changing color of the Sky as well and the Sun makes its way across the arc of the vastness is mesmerizing. The country is filled with beautiful landscapes and terrains that are ornamented beguiling with lush and verdant forests and woodland acreages. The chartreuse terrains are ravishing, and they are again adorned with the ebullient flow of the jovial silver serpentine rivers that make their way across the land like shards of stitchings that cut across the emerald green of the topography. The country is also brimming with villages and settlements where you can experience the unique cultures and traditions of the people up close. Because of the presence of the magnificent mountain peaks, vivacious settlements and villages of the people who all follow different cultures and traditions and have their own distinct lifestyle and rituals and ethnicity, and the encompassment of the beautiful terrains and forest areas, Nepal is a wonderful and a popular destination for many people to travel to. The beautiful picturesque settings, the ravishing ivory and opal peaks, the idiosyncratic lifestyle and customs of the people and the inhabitants are all sure to captivate you with their absolutely alluring winsomeness. These are the highlights of the Sunrise and Sunset Tours.

Along with the stunning sun rise view form Sarangkot, you would also be rewarded with the resplendence of the mountain peaks. Sarangkot lies 5 kilometers away from the beautiful lake-side city of Pokhara. It is one of the highest viewpoints for a glorious sunrise is situated on the elevation of 1592 meters. From Sarangkot, on the southern direction, the marvelous view of the jovial city of Pokhara can be seen. You can also have a look at the magnificent Dhaulagiri Mountain standing in the far west in the northern direction and if you are lucky, and if the weather permits, you can also have a look at the gorgeous view of the colossal Annapurna Mountain Ranges as well in the same direction.

Nagarkot, likewise, is located 30 kilometers east of the metropolitan of Kathmandu, and it offers phenomenal vistas of the mountains ranges as well. The tranquil location of Nagarkot is the second best view point for observing the sun rise and the sun set from behind the mountain ranges. The peak ranges expanding from Dhaulagiri located in the west and Kanchenjunga to the east presents an astonishing ethereal beauty.

Traveling to Bandipur, you would be able to witness the disclosure of the ascending and the descending sun in an expositional disposition. The destination of Bandipur is also famous for views of the mountain peaks like the Annapurna Ranges, the Dhaulagiri peak, the Langtang Himal, the Manaslu range and the Marshyangdi Himal and valley. The sights of the illustrious visitation are breath-taking and are sure to be engraved into the minds of travelers for a long time.

Join Escape Himalaya in discovering and exploring the many palatial settings of the country and letting yourself be engulfed into the celestial apparition of paradise!

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