Wild Life Tour

Nepal is a kaleidoscope of natural beauty and Himalayas. It holds nine National parks, three Wildlife Reserves and six Conservation Areas. This aspect of the country lets you experience the natural quintessence of the terrain’s environment in an absolutely breath-taking way. You are presented with amazing wildlife safaris and extensive variance of flora and fauna all unique to different areas of the country. Nepal has many rare animals and plants preserved within the perimeters of the protective areas. Certain enclosed regions of the southern Terai have well protected jungles and woodland acreages that is a home to many of the endangered animals. Wild Life Tour in Nepal is an idyllic and exotic travel experience for every traveler who wants to experience the myriad of natural quiddities of the country along with beautiful terrains and landscapes.

The Wild Life Tour Packages arranged by Escape Himalaya presents a great opportunity to have a closer look at the exotic plants and animals of various region of Nepal. It provides you with an adventure of excursing through the lush woodlands of the National Parks and Conservation Areas to experience the encounters with its fauna. Experience wonderful Jungle Safaris on Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park and the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. The Wild Life Tours presents you canoe rides on the rivers, serene bird watching experiences, jungle walks and exploration of the villages and settlements of the people around the periphery of the National Parks. That way, you can also have the experience of learning about the different cultures and traditions of the people and get to know about their day to day life as well. There are various multi-cultural programs lets you have a taste of the traditions and customs of the local people. The various Musical Programs lets you be indulged in the religious and traditional aspects of the tour.

At Chitwan National Park, you would be encountering Rhinosaurous, Wild Elephants, Royal Bengal Tigers and many more exotic animals in their natural habitat. The park hold many varieties of animals, plant and birds that you can catch glimpses of while on the tour. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a paradise for bird watching because of it being a home to many different species of avifauna like ducks, herons and ibises. Bardia National park has the record of holding 30 species of rare mammals and 250 species of extravagant birds like Bengal Floricans and the Sarus Crane among many others.

Because of its adventuresome characteristics, the Wild Life Tours are gaining more popularity. Watching and observing the animals, plants and birds amidst the natural verdancy of the forests and the woodlands is as exciting as it gets. The natural surrounding and its sublime beauty also add to the ambiance of the tours. Come and enjoy the glories of nature and escape the monotonously and the busyness of city life with our Wild Life Tour packages by Escape Himalaya, where you will experience encounters with rare exotic and endangered animals and plants in the beautiful settings of dense vegetations that all varies according to the land’s topography.

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