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Bhutan is a medley of cultural and natural glory. Lying in the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is set between China and India. This small Buddhist Kingdom occupies a total area of 38, 394 kilometers and it is encompassed with 0.7 million population. The national language of Bhutan is Dzongkha, which means “the language of the fort”. In the country, the traditional way of life is still preserved that commenced in ancient times, presenting a whole colorful myriad of cultural and historical destinations and sites. You would be able to enjoy tours as well as trekking trips that takes you excursing around old opulently ornamented monasteries, lavish temples, ancient Palaces and a variance of other historical settings that all reflect the country’s glorious past and present in a magnificent quintessence. The excursion of isolated villages and remote settlements on far off places embedded with the beguiles of the nature is quite fascinating to look at. Travelling into lush forested areas and acreages that have a variety of land terrains and terra firma that changes tincture from jade to amethyst is wonderful to experience. Not to mention, the views of the marvelous mountain peaks and gorgeous vistas of high Himalayan ranges present a serene and absolutely tranquil travel experience.

You can have a sightseeing tour around Thimpu where you would get the chance to explore King’s Memorial Chorten, have a look around the Nunnery Temple Institute, excurse around the Zorig Chusum (Painting School), and travel to the Changangkha Monastery, have a closer look at the Chimi Lhakhang Temple and see the sights of the holy Druk Wangyal Monastery among many other sites that are equally if not more, compelling and quite appealing to look at and have a visit to. Moreover, you can have a visit to the Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten in Punakha, which presents an absolutely breath-taking view of the upper Punakha valley along with a number of snow-topped peaks adding to the picturesque heaven-like pulchritude of the whole land.

Another equally alluring part of Bhutan is trekking, where you would trek to the Jumolhari Base Camp and Lingshi (4000m), which rewards you with magnificent views of more than a few grand peaks. Walking to Taktsang Monastery, recognized as Tiger’s Nest (10,400 ft),  Drugyal Dzong (2300m) and passing through verdantly brim vegetations of apple orchards and forested areas to Sio Thangthangkha (3750m) are the preeminent options that trekking in Bhutan bestows. The Druk Path Trek, in addition, is another best trekking trail in Bhutan which lets you walk in adjacent to blossoming rhododendron trees and reach Jangchulakha, where walking next to a ridge, you can get the magnificent opportunity to observe the stunning views of the Himalayas.

Escape Himalaya lets you get familiar with the history, traditions and customs of the land and allows you to trudge into beautiful areas with an utterly superb settings traversing through high passes. Join us in planning a trip to Bhutan, “the land of Happiness”, which has a perseverance of magic and mystery about its destinations and its existence by protecting its long-established Buddhist culture. Plan your adventure with Escape Himalaya!

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