Escape Himalaya Team

Escape Himalaya Team are independent tour operators who all have more than a decade’s worth of experience in the related field of travel and tourism. Members of the Nepal Professional Trekking Guide, the team has ample knowledge and experience in providing the best travel packages to the customers and on their best execution of the travel deals as well. Passionate in the work, our agency’s professional trekking guides are the best in the country and present their zeal for travel in their work, making each trekking journey the best. The enthusiasm for travel and for exploration and discovery of new places is shared by all of the team members and their compassion for providing the best trekking and guiding services to the customers is what makes the team such valuable assets to the agency. With the experience of visiting almost all places of the country and knowing the routes and trails like the back of the hand, Escape Himalaya’s Team consists of dedicated, highly professional and skilled experts who all share the same enthusiasm and vigor of presenting the country’s many beautiful and mesmerizing aspects to its visitors.

Nepal Professional Trekking Guide, the team is always thriving towards better services and customer satisfaction and safety. All of the trekking and tour packages by Escape Himalaya have been formulated with care and comprise of the best services provided by the team along with the best elements of the trekking destinations. This combination of genuine concern for our customers and the highest quality of service execution, done and prepared in the best standards makes Escape Himalaya and its team the ideal leading tour operators in Nepal.