Our Team

Escape Himalaya Team is independent tour operators who all have more than a decade’s worth of experience in the related field of travel and tourism.

Members of the Nepal Professional Trekking Guide, the team has ample knowledge and experience in providing the best travel packages to the customers and on their best execution of the travel deals as well.

Passionate in the work, our agency’s professional trekking guides are the best in the country and present their zeal for travel in their work, making each trekking journey the best. The enthusiasm for travel and for exploration and discovery of new places is shared by all of the team members and their compassion for providing the best trekking and guiding services to the customers is what makes the team such valuable assets to the agency. With the experience of visiting almost all places of the country and knowing the routes and trails like the back of the hand, Escape Himalaya’s Team consists of dedicated, highly professional and skilled experts who all share the same enthusiasm and vigor of presenting the country’s many beautiful and mesmerizing aspects to its visitors.

Nepal Professional Trekking Guide, the team is always thriving towards better services and customer satisfaction and safety. All of the trekking and tour packages by Escape Himalaya have been formulated with care and comprise of the best services provided by the team along with the best elements of the trekking destinations.

This combination of genuine concern for our customers and the highest quality of service execution, done and prepared in the best standards makes Escape Himalaya and its team the ideal leading tour operators in Nepal.

Rajendra Dhamala

Rajendra Dhamala

Rajendra Dhamala craving for travel is exposed when we learn about his success story in travel field. He started to work in the field of tourism as a trekking guide more than a decade ago and he never thought of opting any other career over tourism. He is driven by his intellect of discovery and bold spirit. That achievement branches off from the inventive attitude that he first took in his initial travels. He continued in his career being indifferent to the ups and downs he faced in his lives. Today, because of Dhamala, Escape Himalaya has bloomed to be acknowledged all over Nepal. While travelling in Nepal as well as outside Nepal, his main focus was to recommend Nepal as the best tourist destination. His prime concern is also to expand tourism in a much better way in the coming future.


Arun Sapkota

Arun Sapkota, a lifelong traveler has explored the world’s most remote corners in and out of Nepal. He hopes to motivate others to explore the popular and wildest regions In Nepal. He, for the first time found himself on the contributing side of tourism as he started working as a team leader. Today, his broad travel experiences have helped him in understanding the desires of his guests. He is most proud to lead Escape Himalaya with hopes to promote less trodden places and expand tourism in Nepal. Working as a veteran leader from a decade, his commitment to develop tourism provoked him to become successful. He is fluent in English and is constantly equipped with some important watchwords in the local language anywhere he travels. Due to his generous nature, Sapkota has an ability to surprise his clients and believes that if you travel with passion, the entire world is yours.


Paban Khadka

Guiding and leading tours and treks in Nepal for over five years, Paban is enthusiastic and dedicated to his profession. His knowledge and passion for trekking and traveling is what makes him the best guide for any journey. A keen explorer, he has a profound love for the mountains and enjoys his lifestyle of travelling all over the country. A vehement hiker, Paban enjoys incorporating his work and his passion and showcases the journey in the best way to the customers. He is friendly and easy to talk with and has a laid back personality that makes him appealing to converse with. Charming and energetic, Paban contributes brilliantly to the Escape Himalaya Team.

Raj Hari Adhikari

Ram Hari Adhikari has been involved in the tourism industry for over 9 years and his dedication towards his profession makes him stand out. He is always sure to deliver the best services in terms of trekking and guiding and he is always sure to keep the customer’s best interest, their comfort, satisfaction and safety as the priority during all of his treks. His incorporation of a free spirit combined with his love and passion for travelling and showing new places to visitors makes his an enjoyable company during any journeys.