Langtang Helicopter Tours

Langtang Helicopter Tours

  • Trip Overview

Trip Overview

The Langtang Helicopter Tours lets you have the experience of looking at the Langtang Himalayan Ranges with a bird’s-eye view. The Langtang Himalayan Range is a combination of natural beguiles of the snowy peaks and wonderful cultural quintessence that is encompassed into the perimeters of the mountain peaks. The Langtang Region, also known as “the Valley of Glaciers”, has wonderful inclusions of nature’s marvelous quiddities and you will get to see the green landscape of the region down below, which looks like an emerald carpet has been lain down upon the terrain because of the forests and the woodlands. The continuity of the green of the terrain is then broken by the flow of the rivers that cut across the land like a ravishing silver ribbon. The view of the land is utterly breath-taking to look at. Then, the views of the mountain ranges come into view and the sight of these colossal mountains standing their vigil is simply an awe-striking sight to look at. The Langtang Helicopter Tours rewards you with a lovely view of the huge ivory mountains, cerulean glaciers and of the Tibetan highlands.

Undergoing the Langtang Himalayan Tours, you would be avoiding the tiresome walk and the trekking journey altogether and instead- will be soaring high above the Langtang Valley in quite a comfortable way. You would be looking at views of mountain peaks like the Ganesh Himal, the Langtang Lirung and a lot of other opal peaks which are stunning to look at. Flying above the Tamang Villages, you would be able to have a look at the settlements and the houses down below that would appear like tiny miniscule things from your point of view. Visiting the Kyanjin Gompa (3798m), is another highlight of the Langtang Helicopter Tours.

The Langtang Helicopter Tour is an hour long tour that lets you experience the beautiful terrains and natural sceneries of the region in a relatively short amount of time. The thrill of riding in the helicopter as well isn’t lost on the travelers. Watching the panoramic vistas of the Langtang Himals is quite the sight! So, come join us in this wonderful short adventure where you would be subjected to a wonderful view of the mountains and the land terrains like never before in the most comfortable way possible. You can also opt for our Everest Helicopter Tours as well.