Nagarkot Day Hike

Nagarkot Day Hike

Nepal is a kaleidoscope of wonderful natural quiddities, opulent villages and remote settlements and has within its premise the prepossessing natural quintessence of marvelous Himalayas. It is no wonder that Nepal has become a famous destination for travelers and trekkers all over the world. The stunning landscapes and beautiful terrains, the majestics of the ivory peaks, the idiosyncratic lifestyles and rituals of the local people residing at secluded villages and isolated settlements are enthralling to experience and make the visit to the country all the more flavorful and amazing. The Nagarkot Day Hike allows you to excurse through the beguiling land of Nagarkot and lets you explore the natural beauty of the place like never before. The destination of Nagarkot is one of the most beautiful places here in the country that is relatively close to the capital. It is incorporated with wonderful natural terrains enveloped with lush emerald forests and acreages filled with the vegetation of alpine trees and verdant forests. It also bestows upon you the most magnificent sights of the mountains and lets you pass through dainty settlements and villages. The Nagarkot Day Hike begins in the morning where you will have a drive to the village of Sank. Nagarkot is located 30 km east of Kathmandu, and the tranquility of the place is immediately felt as one descends into the settlements away from the bustling metropolitan. It is also one of the most visited sites for short hikes. The magnificence of the mountain peaks looming in the distance covered in the cerulean quintessence of the snow is ravishing to look at. The mountain peak of Dhaulagiri can be seen in the western side and the pinnacle of Mount Kanchenjunga emerges into the eastern direction. The mountain ranges present a lovely celestial beauty within them and their sights are adoring to look at.

The Nagarkot Day Hike Tour designed by Escape Himalaya is one of the most thrilling Sight-seeing tours in Nepal that bestows an exciting sight-seeing experience. It will be an unforgettable experience Escape Himalaya presents to you. Escape Himalaya provides an excellent rendering of services to its customers and we make sure that our customers are getting the optimal context on their journeys. The Nagarkot Day Hike Tour package is designed carefully, keeping the satisfaction of our customers in mind, and at the same time, the package also incorporates all of the beautiful natural and cultural quintessence of the natural and religious sites of Nagarkot in a relatively short amount of time. Come join us in this ravishing adventure where you can experience aesthetically pleasing magnificence of the mountain peaks and alluring natural winsomeness of the valley and the myriad of cultural settlements in the Nagarkot Day Hike Tour Package with us! We can have the day hike be customized also to suit your convenience. You can also opt for our Nagarkot Chisapani Hiking Tour Package as well.

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