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Everest Base Camp Testimonial

The Everest Base Camp Trek with escape Himalaya proved to be the most efficient trekking adventure of my life! With the best trekking guide- Rajendra, I was able to have close encounters with the village people. I explored the villages of Phakding, Tengboche and Dingboche and got to observe the people’s traditions and culture. Visiting the monasteries as well, I got to learn so much about the people’s religion and their story. Rajendra was the most amazing throughout the trek as he was the one who guided me on trails and settlements. his knowledge and information about the places were very in-depth and helped me gain a deeper insight into the region’s cultural diversity. The village of Namche was the best highlights of the trek! I loved my time there and I loved the Sherpa Culture Museum and the Art Gallery. The small tea-houses on the trek were also lovely to be accommodated to! They added more adventure to the trek. Upon Rajendra’s request, I tried the delicious tsampa that was being served at one of the small tea-houses with buttered tea and it was absolutely amazing! enjoying hot tea with the sights of the mountains right in front of me is an experience that I cannot even put into words. The crisp cool air of the mountain, the clear views of the snowy peaks, the lovely people, the food- everything was perfect! I thank Rajendra for his excellent work and for his help and assistance. And I would like to thank the members of Escape Himalaya as well for arranging this beautiful trek for me and letting me enjoy the mountains in the most comfortable of ways. My recommendation goes to Escape Himalaya for they are the best travel agency with the best services and the best guides! I would definitely go with them again for my future trekking adventures in Nepal!

- Maria Davis, 143 Barrydowne Road, Sudbury, Ontario | 23 Apr, 2017
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