Beautiful trekking with the best team!


I would like to start the testimonial by first expressing my humblest gratitude to Arun for all his help in the trekking journey with me. Escape Himalaya really went above and beyond their call of duty for arranging me an absolutely amazing trekking journey at Everest! The 15-days Everest base camp that i went through on December was phenomenal! I’m not even sure if I can eloquence all of the great moments i had and the beautiful sights I saw, but here goes, I’ll try! Starting off the journey from the airport, i was greeted so warmly by Arun with flower garlands. Then, the hotel where i was accommodated at Kathmandu was also pretty clean and had great meals. When I took the flight to Lukla the next day, the journey was then turned into one of the best moments of my life! The sheer thrill and adventure i felt during the trek was crazy! (but, before i move on further about how crazy amazing the trek was, I must give credit where credit is due, and in case of Arun and escape Himalaya, the credit is definitely due! Before the start of the journey, i.e. the flight to Lukla, Arun made sure that I had everything i needed for the trek. And i was also provided a duffel bag, a Down jacket and a Sleeping bag for the trek as well, so I did not had to buy those. Other items i bought at Thamel, with Arun’s help. Like I said, he was always helpful and there for me). During the rest of the journey, Arun’s guidance and his patience with me resulted in the best trekking experience in all regards, from the guesthouses stay, the food, the sights of the mountains, the interaction with the local people, the visiting of the monasteries and everything else! All my gratitude to escape Himalaya and its entire team for this wonderful journey! My top recommendation to anyone for trekking journeys!

- Darlene Leah Smithburry, Bonaventure, Quebec | 19 Apr, 2017
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