Gorgeous Trekking at Everest


I did the Everest Base Camp Trek with escape Himalaya last year and i know that this review might be a little late in doing, but i might as well just write some because the trekking that i went was amazing! It was the most beautiful trekking experience of my life! I always wanted to go for trekking in the Himalayas, and when the time had finally come- i was hoping that everything would go as scheduled, and it did! escape Himalaya made sure that I was comfortable, and enjoying my trekking journey. my guide Rajendra, was the one who must be genuinely applauded because he was always helping me and was by my side the entire time of the journey. As I landed at the airport, i was greeted by Rajendra and Arun, who then helped me transfer to my hotel in Kathmandu. Their kind words and reassuring nature and patience with me made me feel at ease at Nepal. Then, as the trekking started, Rajendra made sure that everything was neatly placed in order regarding accommodations, meals and transportation. The tour of Kathmandu Valley as well at the very beginning of the trek was such fun to go through with. When we were on the trekking trail, the weather co-operated and the panoramic views of the mountains from the distance was just mind-blowing! I had thought I was ready and the views would not necessarily take me by surprise once I actually saw them in real life, because i had seen lots of pictures, but those were nothing compared to the real thing! And up close, it was even better! The Base Camp at Everest is the most beautiful and mesmerizing sight you are ever bound to see! I am so thankful to Escape Himalaya and to Rajendra for this amazing trip, and for everything they did for making this trip into such a dream! Thank you Escape Himalaya!

- Bruce J. Mignone, Bonnyville, Alberta | 19 Apr, 2017
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