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tamang heritage trail

For my time in Nepal this February, I wanted a trek that had its focus more on the ethnic villages and monasteries. The Tamang heritage Trail provided me just that, with added natural beauties of the land as well. The heritage trail goes through many ethnic villages of the Langtang region and it was refreshing to spend the night at the small tea-houses that had me staying close to the fire stove because it was cold. The whole landscape became more magical in the morning as the winter mist rolled around the forests. The people of the villages are some of the friendliest people and their hospitality is their most admirable quality. While I was on the trail, i had some yaumari from one of small shops that was selling hot tea, and the fact that i had a wonderful conversation with the shop-owner made my trekking journey into a whole another experience of close encounters with people. The monasteries and small Gumbas in the wilderness of the trail are like silent beacons of peace. Especially in February, the sight of these places of worship partially covered in thin layer of fog is something that looks like its not even a planetary things, it looks celestial. Absolute best trekking journey, it mended my soul a bit. All the props and appreciation goes to Escape Himalaya for their perfect execution of services and best guide.

- Sean  Murray, Ballyjamesduff, County Cavan, Ireland | 13 Apr, 2017
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