22nd March 2017

Everest Base Camp Trekking

The journey of the Everest Base Camp Trek was recommended to me by my friend who had already undergone the trek before. I wanted a travel agency that allowed me flexibility and Escape Himalaya definitely provided me with that option. When I was discussing the terms of flexibility with Escape Himalaya’s team and staff, they happily obliged that they would arranged everything according to my convenience. Because I wanted the days to be shorten as I had a limited time there in Kathmandu, Escape Himalaya made me a customized Everest Base Camp Trek that incorporated my ideas into the schedule.

The trekking journey to Everest Base Camp was quite beautiful. I met lots of other travelers and trekkers all along the trekking trails and the accommodations on the bosoms of the Himalayas were comfortable and lovely to stay in. We had joined a group as well, and the company of the trekkers made the trip much more pleasant to do.

Overall, a pleasant journey and time well spent! Such an amazing country and the mountains are the best! Escape Himalaya did the best job with arranging the trek.