Trekking Grades

Trekking in Nepal is one of the popular among the trekkers all around the world. Nepal offers a wide range of trekking options. Anyone with good physically fitness can go for trekking in Nepal. However, there are some trekking routes which require prior experience and knowledge to use trekking equipment.

All you need to have is passion and enthusiasm for trekking. Plus, people having cardiac or respiratory problems must discuss with to their doctor before trekking in Nepal.


Trekking trails in Nepal having easy grade is meant for anyone who loves to trek. During these types of trekking, one needs not to walk more than 5 hours in a day depending on the walking speed. You will walk over 3000m and the trek can be completed in around 10 days. For instance, Trekking to Poonhill, around Kathmandu valley trekking, Everest view trekking etc. are easy graded trek.


Moderate grade trekking trails will take you above3000m. This type of trekking is normally 15-days long. Trekkers need to walk approximately 8 hours in a day. The routes of moderate trekking may be rough, steep and may have a number of ups and downs. To go for this type of trekking, all you need to have is good health conditions and moderate level of physical fitness.


Strenuous trekking grade is quite challenging trekking. You will need to walk for around 6 hours in a day. And, you will be walking at an elevation up to 5000m. To go for these types of trekking, you will need preparation for fitness and prior experience will be better. Plus, good health conditions are equally necessary. Patients of asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, or those who are not allowed to do strenuous exercise should not for these types of trekking.

Very Strenuous

Very strenuous trekking grade requires trekking skills, knowledge to use trekking equipments and prior experience of trekking. You will be trekking over 4000m and walk for more or less 7 hours in a day. You need to carry axes and crampons to bad-tempered the high passes. This type of trek continues from 16 to 28 days.