Manaslu Region

Embellished in the rugged embrace of the Himalayas, the Manaslu region is full of unforgettable experiences. Home to the majestic Mount Manaslu, this remote gem offers a unique journey of discovery.

Embark on the classic Manaslu Circuit, a trail that winds through pristine landscapes and challenges your craving spirit. Conquer high mountain passes including the astounding Larkya La Pass at over 5,100 meters. Along the way, immerse yourself in the region's vibrant culture, from the ancient Lho Monastery to picturesque villages like Samdo, where time never seems to pass by.

For those looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience, extending the Manaslu journey to secluded Tsum Valley is an ideal choice. Set below the folds of Manaslu ranges, the trek allows exploring ancient Buddhist monasteries, meeting amiable locals and enjoying the tranquility of this sacred valley.

Whether you are a veteran looking for an ultimate challenge or an amateur yearning for new horizons, the Manaslu region will captivate you with its untamed wilderness and warm hospitality.

Join our group tours or personalize your trip to the Manaslu region and get mesmerized by the pristine beauty of the Himalayas and Nepal's best-kept secrets.

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