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Trekking in Nepal is one of the most revered and adventurous activity to do and one of the greatest opportunities to truly experience the country’s many attributes in their finest form.

From the low-lying pastures and river valleys and gorges to cerulean glaciers, high sapphire lakes and the some of the highest mountain peaks on the planet, Nepal has it all. An ideal destination for perfect vacations, Nepal offers some of the most diverse landscapes and mountainous terrains not found anywhere else on Earth. The country’s rich multiculturalism and ethnic diversity are also what makes it one of the most appealing places worth a visit.

And Escape Himalaya helps you achieve your dreams of amazing travel and trekking experience in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan! With many well-rounded travel and trekking packages, Escape Himalaya offers the best deals and travel opportunities that expand the entire country of Nepal. Our packages are prepared with the best encompassment of the region’s natural and traditional elements, and contain aspects that enhance the trekking experience to present to you the opportunity to take in Nepal’s amazing hallmarks in the best and the most comfortable of ways.

Why travel with us?

Not only is Escape Himalaya dedicated to making life-changing trips, but we are also dedicated to offering excellent services that turn it into a worthy experience. We believe that the effort endeavored by our professional team members is an ideal contribution to the travel industry in Nepal. We are actually proud to bring several travel choices to our packages and take pride in linking travelers with the famous and untrodden trails in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

First, let us serve you with the best services while journeying and you will comprehend the qualities of Escape Himalaya.

Our proficient team members

The credit of the booming of our agency goes to our enthusiastic and experienced team members. Our guides are experienced and well trained with sufficient knowledge about different places, culture as well as history.

Social responsibility

Being socially responsible, we contribute in promoting sustainable tourism in Nepal. Our friendly and generous guides have a very good relationship with local inhabitants of different places.

Reasonable Prices

We offer excellent tour packages in reasonable prices. We take care of your requirements and expectations. We can also tailor special itineraries in best prices if the sample itineraries do not suit you.

Enjoy discounts

We have discounts to offer if you have formerly traveled with Escape Himalaya. We also give student discount, loyal customer discount, and family travel discount.

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Remarkable Service With Great Hiking Experience

The Escape Himalaya Trek was very supportive and helpful prior to the trip. They answered all my queries and provided me with their best available suggestions and information of the trip. Mr. Rajendra was really welcoming and made adjustments to my trip as per my need and convenience. The team provided me with an awesome guide with remarkable experience which made my trek easy and comfortable. Best regards to the entire and will surely be back to trek with them.

Effective Plan and a Joyful Trek Experience

Thanks to the team for the permit arrangement as per the rules and regulations. All arrangement was organized and we were provided with best hotel arrangements. Our guide Paban was really knowledgeable and a fun company to be around. I would highly recommend you to do trek with Paban and take the help of Escape Himalaya Trek for your trekking arrangements.

Beautiful Himalayas

Nepal is the best place to have a really nice trekking experience. The Annapurna Poon hill trek provided me with astounding views of various Himalayan ranges that can never be put into words. I was so glad I chose this trek for my short vacation and this trek was made more memorable by the awesome company of my guide Bhim. He was a kind and generous man filled with great knowledge about the area. The people I met along the trek were really friendly. Loved the trek and my guide.

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Jenny Lu,
United State of America
United Kingdom