Executive Director

Mr. Arun Sapkota

Arun Sapkota

Arun Sapkota, a lifelong traveler has explored the world’s most remote corners in and out of Nepal. He hopes to motivate others to explore the popular and wildest regions In Nepal. He, for the first time found himself on the contributing side of tourism as he started working as a team leader. Today, his broad travel experiences have helped him in understanding the desires of his guests. He is most proud to lead Escape Himalaya with hopes to promote less trodden places and expand tourism in Nepal. Working as a veteran leader from a decade, his commitment to develop tourism provoked him to become successful. He is fluent in English and is constantly equipped with some important watchwords in the local language anywhere he travels. Due to his generous nature, Sapkota has an ability to surprise his clients and believes that if you travel with passion, the entire world is yours.