Mustang Region

Hidden in the rain-shadow zone of the Dhaulagiri Himalayas in Nepal, the Mustang region is full of charm, incredible history and cultural treasures waiting to be discovered. Formerly a vibrant kingdom along the ancient trans-Himalayan trading route, Mustang holds legends of ancient kingdoms and spiritual heritage, tempting travelers to delve into its mysteries.

Exploring around the crown jewel, Lho Manthang is a walled city filled with regal grandeur and adorned with intricate architecture is a prime destination of the Mustang region. Get lost in a maze of alleyways through lovely alpine villages where centuries-old secrets are revealed around every corner. Likewise, the vibrant murals and timeless spirituality in the ancient monasteries of Chhoser and Lo Gekar intricately present the region's rich Buddhist heritage.

Immersing in Mustang culture is a journey into the soul of the region. Every aspect of life, from melodious chants echoing through monastic halls to vivid festivals celebrating the cycle of nature, is thoroughly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. The authenticity in tradition and divine spirituality intertwine to create enduring wisdom and profound insights.

Uncover the unparalleled beauty and adventure of a lifetime from an enthralling journey to Mustang. As the region is quite accessible and offers attainable hiking courses, it is renowned as one of the world's best tourist destinations.

Trekking to Upper Mustang (Kingdom of Lo) is so popular among hikers as it involves walking alongside remote villages, hidden valleys, expansive desert terrains and pristine mountains. Likewise, trekkers often get to connect with welcoming locals who share stories back from time.

Alternatively, the Lower Mustang Trek offers a more accessible but equally thrilling experience. Walking through beautiful countryside, Thakali villages, rice terraces and green forests the trek will present stunning cliffs of Kali Gandaki, the world's deepest gorge.

Mustang region's opulently combines history, culture and nature to cast an irresistible spell on adventure lovers. For those seeking extraordinary traveling experiences, Mustang pledges an unforgettable journey through time and tradition.

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