5 best things about Upper Mustang Trek

escapehimalayaFeb 27th 2024

Upper Mustang trek is all about discovering the beautiful and amazing things that nature has created for you. What you will see in Mustang is beyond your imagination of natural beauty. If your visualization about natural wonder contains green lush forests or massive giant’s mountains or rapidly flowing rivers. Then you are in for a surprise! Because the beauty of Mustang is completely different from your imagination.

Though Mustang is also a part of the Himalayan region of Nepal. Unlike other Himalayan parts of the country, the district is nothing like the Everest or Annapurna region. If you have previously done the Annapurna or Everest region trek in Nepal then you will notice how the landscape of Mustang is different than other regions.

Moreover, the history and the natural beauty of the place is fascinating and mesmerizing. The further you marvel your journey in this region, you will come to disparate this particular region with other Himalayas of Nepal.

Enclosed by the Tibetan Plateau and sheltered by some of the highest peaks of Nepal, Mustang is an ancient Kingdome of Nepal. The district was one of the tributary kingdoms of Nepal. The monarchy of the kingdom officially ceased to exist in 2008 by the order of Nepal government. Mustang was a part of Tibet in ancient times. Hence, if you ever visit Mustang, you will see a great similarity in the culture, tradition, and lifestyle of people with Tibet than Nepal.

Furthermore, until 1992 no tourist was allowed in this region. Thus the region was restricted to visitors and trekkers making it forbidden kingdom of Nepal. Even though the door has been opened for Mustang, the culture and natural beauty of the place has remained intact, pure and undisturbed. Therefore it offers the raw and authentic beauty of the place. Moreover, the culture of this place is unique and exceptional.

We have enumerated some of the fascinating reasons for Upper Mustang. Please read out all the pointed out the topic which makes upper mustang one of the beautiful places.

1. Myths and mountains

5 best things about Upper Mustang Trek

According to the myths, Guru Rinpoche traveled to Mustang while he was on his way to Tibet. During his journey, he meditated in the caves of Mustang. Also, according to the myths, Guru Rinpoche once fought the demon amidst the snow peaks, vast grasslands and deserted canyons of Mustang.

It is believed that the devil was attempting to obliterate the establishment of the Buddhist religious community arranged in focal Tibet. Guru Rinpoche triumphed and strewn its body part across the Mustang. It is said to have that its blood gave a formation of red towering cliffs and people built wall of prayer stones over to splattered intestine of the demon. Hence, the giant’s cliffs, the wall of caves has come into unique formation.

Thus, its mythological stories and the stunning landscape has attracted a large number of tourist over the years. Henceforth, the myths and mountains of this place are one of the best things about Upper Mustang Trek. One who is interested in exploring these mythological significances and wants to learn about the world before the civilization then they shall opt for the trek in this restricted area of Nepal.

2. Lo Manthang – the capital of the Kingdom of Lo


Lo Manthang is the capital of the Kingdom of Lo or Mustang district. The rich Buddhist culture of Mustang and the geographical feature of the district which is similar to Tibet is one of the highlights of this place. This forbidden land even though it is restricted attracts a large number of trekkers every year due to its historical background as well as native culture.

Lo Manthang is a small town towered by red giant cliffs sheltering the cliff inside it which epitomizes mythical connotation. Moreover, the district is also famous or hosting the Tiji festival which is an important festival for the Lopa people. Hence, one who is seeking to experience the lifestyle of people and wants to explore their beliefs and faith should be part of this festival.

3. Jomsom and Kagbeni

Kagbeni Muktinath

Jomsom and Kagbeni are that remote places of Nepal of which high soaring winds, as well as the raw rock formation, are awe-inspiring. It is used to be an independent village development committee. For the people of Mustang, Jomsom is known as Dzong Sampa which means a new fort.

Jomsom and Kagbeni both allow looking into the lifestyle of the people who live in extreme conditions. Moreover, the journey entails passing through the deepest gorge of the world engraved by the Kali Gandaki River which later flows to the Ganges in India.

Jomsom and Kagbeni portray all the best things about Upper Mustang Trek. If Jomsom is the heart of the district and operation of different sectors of work takes place then Kagbeni is the first remote village you will come across on this trek. With a little population, the village gives you an idea about the lifestyle, their tradition, and their customs. Kagbeni is towered by the massive red cliffs on the background and in front of it flows ghastly flowing Kali Gandaki River. From getting to know their culture, customs, and tradition, exploring what their day to day life entails is another interesting and best thing about Upper Mustang Trek.

4. Muktinath


Muktinath, a famous pilgrimage site where hundreds of Hindu, as well as Buddhist pilgrims, visit the temple every year. According to the Hindu Mythology, it is said that Brahma, a Hindu god, once lit the ceaseless flames that burn at Muktinath. In the temple, there are 108 bull face taps and it’s believed that if you take a bath under these all taps, you will get salvation after deaths which is pretty amusing, to be honest.

Likewise, for Buddhists, it is the place where Guru Rinpoche meditated. Guru Rinpoche is a great sage who brought Buddhism to Tibet.

Overall, the faith and spiritual power this temple holds are commendable to see. The drive and passion that these pilgrims hold are the same as adventure lover who goes every length to just to get that adrenaline rush in them.

5. Rain Shadow area thus open for all year round


Although the region is restricted and requires a special permit to trek, trekking in the region is open to travelers all year round due to it being in the Himalayan rain shadow area. And if you are wondering what is rain shadow is, then let us enlighten you. Rain Shadow area is a dry area surrounded by huge mountains.

Thus mustang receives less rainfall due to is a topographic obstruction which the huge mountains surrounding the areas. These mountains act as the barrier that causes wind passing in these areas to lose their humidity which resulted in this shielded region to be dry.

Thus, if you are thinking about trekking in this restricted zone and time is a barrier for you then no worries. Henceforth, due to this region being a rain shadow area, trekking in this region is accessible throughout the year.

Above listed are some of the beautiful aspects of upper mustang trek. There are many other appealing things about the trek which are not pointed out here but can be explored by yourself. This beautiful region is adorned with a spectacular and perfect mix of cultural and natural aspects. This beautiful region is perfect if you are opting to explore the Himalayas

escapehimalayaFeb 27th 2024

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