A Fact Guide: Nepal and Facts about It

escapehimalayaFeb 27th 2024

Nepal can be referred to as “Heaven on Earth”; one of the most beautiful countries where nature is in abundance. A landlocked country in the South of Asia; Nepal has an approximate population of 30 million. Tourism is the leading industry in this country and with it its most significant source of foreign exchange and revenue generation. The country encompasses eight out of fourteen mountain-ranges among which Mount Everest is the world’s highest among all. Another fantastic element about this country is: modernization hasn’t effected its historical ethos nor heritage – the culture is an amalgamation of multiple primeval religions and territories – the fascination for all. You can find numerous sites which offer coupon codes for tourists to enjoy as many affordable sightseeing.

Facts About Nepal

There’re many things about this God-blessed country. Most know only about the mountain ranges that lie in Nepal. There is so much more than only this about this enthralling country. Following are the top ten facts about Nepal: The heaven on Earth!

1.      Himalayas Range

There are three major hydrographical networks for Asian countries:

  • Ganga- Brahmaputra.
  • The Yangtze.

The Himalayas are the source of commencement for all of them. Being the third prevalent reservoir of snow; containing 3,000 cubic miles of water - it sources the river systems.

2.      Independence Day

Nepal is among countries which do not have an independence day as it has never been occupied or colonized till this date.

3.      Deep Canyon

Nepal has extreme elevations; but what is unknown to people is that it has both: heights and depths. Kali Gandaki canyon is the second-most deepest canyon in the world at 4,375 meters; fashioned by river Kali Gandaki which is positioned transversely with Himalayas with most towering summits found on Earth, with the level of elevations around 8,000 meters are: Annapurna and Dhaulagiri.

4.      Extraordinary Territory

Nepal is a landlocked country in-between two goliaths: India and the People’s Republic of China. In contrast to geography; Nepal has extensive territories with an assortment of uniqueness in each. From humid wooden plains till the iced peaks of Mount Everest; Nepal has it all. It is said to have a world of its own on a small land.

5.      Tourist Visa

You can acquire Visa for Nepal upon arrival. There is no concept for a Visa before arrival, and you can receive it by paying in cash. You can stay in the country from 15 to 90 days. Everyday expense depends on your stay’s length.

6.      Hotel and Stay

There are numerous hotels and guest houses scattered across the small country; you can either rent-out a tiny guest house for complete privacy or stay in a luxurious hotel. Hotels in Nepal are available, and as compared to other tourist destinations; are affordable.

7.      Currency

A unique fact about Nepal is: you can only use Nepalese Rupee when you’re in the country. You cannot exchange them outside Nepal. So, if you’re not planning to keep their the Nepalese rupee as a souvenir; convert it before leaving the country.  

8.      Tilicho Lake

Situated in the district of Manang with an altitude of 4,919 meters in Annapurna range of the Himalayas; tourists who experience Annapurna Circuit cross this lake. The government has built several chalets between Manang and Tilicho Lake, but due to their altitude, they can’t be used.

9.      Impressive Visits

The natural beauty Nepal beholds is jaw-dropping. The city of Kathmandu is full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, which will bring an overwhelming sense of freedom and nature. Known as Nepal’s city of glory; Kathmandu holds more than half the population of Nepal.

10.  Trekking

It’ll be a complete waste of time and experience if you do not go on trekking when you visit Nepal. You can trek whenever you want; as there is no such thing as “perfect timing”, but if you’re still unsure, try spring season. In spring, you can experience the legendary colossal rhododendrons flowers, also the sun on The Himalayas.

In a Nutshell

Nepal is said to be the homeland of the Buddha, consist of concentrated world heritage sites, and many other fascinating natural destinations. Nepal was closed for the outside world until the 1950s. Now, Nepal is a country you can visit whenever you like, with countless places to explore, easy accessibility of visa, as well as websites assisting you in reservations and discounts.

escapehimalayaFeb 27th 2024

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