Top 5 Treks During Monsoon Season in Nepal

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In light of Nepal's incomparable Himalayan excellence, it is an obligatory destination for incredible traveling experiences for people worldwide. While treks are possible throughout the year, autumn and spring are typically considered the best seasons for expeditions in the higher Himalayan regions. The spring and autumn seasons present vibrant sights of striking mountains and an ideal climate for trips. Other than that, winter and summer treks are also pleasing in Nepal. The spring season in Nepal endures from March to May, while autumn continues from September to November. Likewise, December to February marks the winter season in Nepal, and the highlands are likely to have pretty cold temperatures, making it uncomfortable for trekking. The summer and monsoon are contemporaneous seasons in Nepal that last almost from June to August and are known for frequent rainfall. This season isn't much proper for high-elevation treks, as obscured mountain views, messy trek routes, and flight delays are usual. Luckily, Nepal has many traveling destinations that are useful for monsoon trips too. Certain rain-shadowed regions in Nepal experience less rainfall during the monsoon, making them ideal decisions for the best monsoon season treks.

These rain-shadowed regions in Nepal have little precipitation because of their geographical barricade of mountain ranges. The Himalayan Peaks cause the common airstreams to lose their humidity on the windy side, making the shielded side dry. Hence, it makes these explicit destinations ideal for monsoon season trips.

Here are the Top 5 Treks During the Monsoon Season in Nepal.

Upper Mustang Trek – The Best Monsoon Trek

monsoon season treks
Chhusang village - 2,980m en route to Upper Mustang.


Upper Mustang Trek is ideal for Nepal's top monsoon/summer season treks. The region lies on the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Massifs' rain-shadowed part, which gets scarce rainfall in the monsoon. Due to its unique geography, Upper Mustang presents a divergent and novel climate contrasted to the rest of Nepal.

While most of Nepal's traveling destinations offer a rich ecosystem, Mustang displays corroded mounds and astonishing rock formations different from everything else in the country! The region is set on the edges of the Kali Gandaki, Gorge - perhaps the deepest gorge on earth. With a significant part of the region's territory being high plains, Mustang's landscapes have inadequate vegetation, snow with heavy winds, and unusual rock formations. Moreover, one of the features of this trip is getting to the Forbidden Kingdom of Lo Manthang, a remote territory where ethnic people practice the Tibetan culture in its best form.

Upper Dolpo Trek – Off-The-Beaten Path Trek

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Beautiful Chharka Village (4,300m), Dolpa District.


An extensively cultural Tibetan site, Dolpo, lies in the Dolpa district of western Nepal. The sparse agro-pastoral region of Upper Dolpo is perfect for a remote trekking experience due to its splendid hiking landscapes and its estranged location. Dolpa - the biggest district of Nepal, covering about 5.36% land of the country. It is still basically lonely and enclosed in remoteness due to its geography. Yet being the most extended area, it is the least thickly populated district of the country. Subsequently, the lifestyle and tradition of the ethnic people of Dolpo have as yet persevered in their refined form.

Geographically, a part of the sedimentary Tibetan-Tethys Zone, Dolpo, is confined by the Himalayan ranges that comprise the mightiest peaks like Mt. Dhaulagiri and Mt. Annapurna. Likewise, the Dolpo region also causes a cloud block and results semi-barren environment in the valley, making it a decent choice for monsoon treks in Nepal. There is very light rainfall in Dolpo, making landscapes that look like the Tibetan Plateau.

The Upper Dolpo Trek begins from Juphal and passes through various beautiful landscapes to explore the vast mountain ranges. Crossing Numa La Pass (5,190m), you will admire the spectacular Phoksundo Lake at Ringmo village inside Phoksundo National Park. Dolpo Trek usually involves entirely exposed summer meadows, rudimentary hills, and bunches of yak trains.

Annapurna Circuit Trek - Classic Trekking Trail

monsoon season treks
Grand Annapurna III and Gangapurna Massif over the Gangapurna Lake, Manang.


Annapurna Circuit Trek is a well-known classic trekking trail in Nepal. Many travelers pick this route for a stimulating and bold experience, as it is one of the best scenic treks in the world. The path offers the serenity of the Trans Himalayas, forbidden villages, and their cultures. Most of the trail region stays within the rain-shadowed part of the Himalayas, which assure lesser or no rainfall. Thus, it is a perfect trek to look for a pristine and venturesome trip during the monsoon season.

One who chooses this route should cross Thorong La Pass (5,416m), one of Nepal's most remarkable mountain passes. Likewise, the trail takes you toward Manang Valley, where you can meet the local people of Manang and learn about their tribe.

Annapurna Circuit Trek almost takes a minimum of 14 days to 19 days to complete. You can design your trip adding your interests and preferences. Since it is a very extensive and strenuous venture, having an earlier trek experience is beneficial.

Everest Base Camp Trek

ebc treks in monsoon season
Pheriche (4,371m) with appealing Ama Dablam in the backdrop.


Everest Base Camp Trek is on everyone's wish list because of its prominent delights. This trek is a classic trip in Nepal's Himalayas, allowing adventurers to get to know numerous world's most striking peaks and the local Sherpa people with the most records of summiting challenging mountains in the world.

The trip to EBC features hiking through the slopes of the Dudh Koshi River. Similarly, as you enter Sagarmatha National Park, the journey pursues the pine and hemlock woodlands. The monsoon season treks in Everest are less crowded, which allows you to admire the natural glory of the Himalayas. While there will be some rainfall at the trip's start, it will lessen as you climb to higher elevations that grant a perfect set of panorama. You can travel to this divine nature of the Himalayas at your preferred time in Nepal.

Regardless of what number of days you spend here, you will undoubtedly be honored by the tranquil magnificence of the Everest region.

Nar Phu Valley Trek

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Annapurna II (7,937m), Annapurna Trekking Trail.


Nar Phu Valley is the least explored Trans Himalayan region north of Annapurna. This journey through the Nar & Phu valleys entails the most remote villages, slender gorges, lush forests, high passes, glaciers, medieval Buddhist culture, and intriguing mountain views. The trek takes you to Kang La Pass's rough landscapes (5,306m), bestowing trekkers an astounding vista of the Annapurna Range.

This new off-the-beaten trekking trail goes through incredible remote villages like Manang, Nar, Phu, Meta, Koto, and a few more in the Annapurna region. This trip's most remarkable point is crossing Thorong La Pass (5,416m), navigating through the steep, rugged edges. The top of Thorong La Pass proffers an undeniable 360-degree vista of snow-capped peaks in the Tibetan plateau.

Moreover, the area's untouched natural and cultural beauty shortly made explorers fall in love as it opened for trekkers. Nar Phu Valley Trek is the perfect monsoon trek as the region lies within the rain-shadow area, manipulating rare rainfall.

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