Top 5 Charms of Gokyo Lake Trekking

escapehimalayaMar 30th 2024

Trekking in Nepal is an excellent venture for people who appreciate nature. The sound and relaxing experience felt amidst Mother Nature are genuinely impressive. And among many trekking areas in Nepal, the Everest region is one of the most favored trekking destinations to relish nature's true beauty. Moreover, the region offers various routes to navigate the Himalayan beauty with the Gokyo Valley Trek. This exquisite journey is the best alternative to the busy Everest Base Camp trek of Khumbu Valley. Most people are not familiar with the attractive prospects of Gokyo Valley and its lakes. Hence, in this blog, we have listed the top 5 best highlights of Gokyo Valley Trek.

Tranquil Gokyo Lakes and Ngozumpa Glacier

The beauty of Gokyo Lakes is simply bewildering. The multiple lakes, all situated in a different part of the valley, are interesting to explore. Tsho is a Tibetan word for the lake, so all the valley lakes are called Tsho and their respective names. The Gokyo Lake system's notable lakes are Gokyo Tsho, Phonak Tsho, Ngozumba Tsho, Gyazumba Tsho, and Tanjung Tsho. The magical sight of the lakes in the lap of the high mountain ranges is indescribable. No word seems to be enough to justify how stunning these serene lakes are. Also, the Ngozumpa glacier below Cho Oyu Mountain is the largest in the Himalayas. All in all, the abundant beauty through the way towards Gokyo Lakes overwhelms any traveler.

Gokyo Ri for the grand view of the Everest Massif

Gokyo Ri, at an elevation of 5,357m, offers an astonishing 360-degree view of the Everest Massif. The summit of Gokyo Ri grants the unforgettable sight of the significant eight-thousanders: Mount Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, and Cho Oyu. Similarly, a splendid view of the Gokyo Lakes with the Ngozumpa glacier is visible at the Gokyo RI top. The views of the lakes accumulated with the giant's mountain peaks are a pleasing sight to behold, which are the best highlights of the Gokyo Valley Trek.

Uncongested Trail

It is a known fact that the Everest Base Camp trek is the most popular in Nepal or even worldwide for trekking purposes. Hence, the trekkers' density navigating their journey in the Everest region is relatively high as an utterly commercial trekking path. So if you are on the side of exploring the trail amongst a few crowd, the Gokyo Valley Trek is the best alternative. The teahouses are overcrowded, like on the trekking route to Everest Base Camp. Additionally, when the path is not busy with crowds, trekkers can enjoy the sight and interact with the individuals more freely. Most of the time, people become a hindrance to one another while journeying, but it is not like that in this trek. Hence, it is best to opt for Gokyo Valley Trek. However, the journey to EBC is overwhelming but, at the same time, rewarding too.

Warm, hospitable Sherpa People

Everest region is home to the Sherpa ethnic tribes of Nepal. The people of this tribe are essentially known for their outstanding track record of summiting the world's highest mountains. Besides the respectable record, these tribes are known for their warm, hospitable nature, vibrant culture, and traditional values. Sherpas are traditionally Buddhist, so Buddhist inscriptions on the stones, prayer flags, and the houses' walls are all over the trails. Similarly, the chortens and stupas along the paths are for the wishes of your safe journey. These religious monuments reflect their deep respect for their religion. And also, to pay to respect to the Buddha's teaching, no animals or birds of the trekking region are disturbed. Moreover, the showcase of their unique and traditional artistic works everywhere on the trail is quite pleasing to witness. All in all, enjoying their beautiful culture and values is one of Gokyo Lakes Trek's perks.

Exciting options for Trip Extension

Everest region offers various trekking options for visitors. And one journey can be intertwined with others if trekkers are complaisance. One can extend the trip by opting for other trekking areas for the adventurous and extreme experience in the Gokyo Lake trek. Gokyo Valley lies at a great location, so trekkers can detour their journey by challenging themselves to cross Khumbu valley's three high mountain passes. Or they can extend their journey from Gokyo Lake to Everest Base Camp. All the more, if you are content with the idea of accumulating all the mentioned destinations in one trip, it is also possible. It will be a difficult journey but an adventurous one.

Overall, the Gokyo Lake Trek is an incredible journey that incorporates the best components of Mother Nature. One who decides on this journey is sure to encounter stunning views and experience rural mountain life. People travel globally to taste the incredible mountain essence and ethnic Sherpa culture. With that, the Gokyo lakes' tranquility is one of the best highlights of the Gokyo Valley Trek. Finally, if you want something not a challenging type of trekking in Nepal to enjoy with your family, opt for the amazing Gokyo Lake Trek. 

escapehimalayaMar 30th 2024

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